Wait List - What to Do?

My husband and I booked our DVC room for Copper Creek (our home resort) for trip for our son’s birthday last week using our points. We are staying May 30th, 2020 through June 7th, 2020. He went to try and book his parents today using our points as well, but two of out dates were unavailable (May 31st and June 3). What should we do?

  1. Wait list the entire week for them?
  2. Wait list the two days we need for them?
  3. Move our dates to travel and rebook all the rooms?
  4. I’m open to any other ideas

Thank you in advanced for any help and ideas!

I would book the dates I could for now and then waitlist the missing dates. I would also check every morning on my own to see if they become available.


Thank you so much! We called back and made the change to just waiting for the two days to open up. The first time we spoke with a cast member they recommended that we wait list the whole week. This made me really nervous though!

No we start checking every morning at 6:00 for the two missing dates to open up. Just 329 days to go!


Update! We now have a room for all of the dates, but my in-laws will have to check in and check out two or three times. Which leads to my next set of questions:

Has anyone had this issue?
Is there a way to blend the different rooms together into one room the entire time?
*Member Services just said “no” on the phone we aren’t sure why.

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If it is the same type of room you can call DVC member services and they can join the reservations to make it one. I have done this many times when I decide to add a day or two. which happens a lot. :slight_smile:

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just read this more carefully. Is it the same kind of room? that is, for example, a studio, same type? If so yes you can have member services do it. If not, then they cannot

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Try contacting Member Services via chat. As long as the room type is the same for the entire stay, the reservations can be linked. You will be given a new reservation number.

We have found that this is often done automatically when we have multiple reservations as a result of waitlisting. In the cases where we’ve had to ask, the new reservation number has been available for us to see on the member website just a few minutes after requesting the change. :slight_smile:


That’s a good point about the same type of studio. I know there are regular studios and ones with a walk in shower. I will have have to call Member Services again and see if they are the same type and then if there is a way to link it all together or change them all to the same type.

Thank you everyone!

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