Wait list for first dinner seating

Just booked a stateroom for a 7 night Eastern Caribbean cruise next August. Was given 2nd dinner seating as 1st seating was completely booked. I explained on phone to DCL agent that our youngest child will have a very hard time waiting until 8:15 to begin eating. They put us on wait list for 1st seating as said as people change reservations we could be bumped up. Has anyone had experience being on wait list? Were you eventually given 1st seating? How long did it take after you had made your reservation?

Havent done dcl but friends fed kids earlier in the evening from counter service or room service then kids went to childcare centre while parents had dinner think there was an option for kids to get fed in childcare centre also. Not ideal if you all want to stay together but might help. You could also feed then earlier and then they could sit with you and have a snack.

Even though we fully enjoyed having the kids with us for dinner - we did take advantage of what @djbhcb noted. I have a hard time making it until 8:15. But take advantage of the kids club feeding them and room service - there are certainly options. We would have a late snack as well to help us along

I know all children are different, on our last cruise (youngest was 8) we had second dining. I honestly loved it! During second dining the CMs can bring the children’s dinners first, then about 45 min in the kids club members come through the restaurant and pick up the antsy children and take them to the club, leaving the adults to have a leisurely dinner.

It was honestly the best of both worlds. We had family time and it was a relaxing meal.

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So no matter what they say before the cruise, DCL will try to accommodate you on the 1st Day. We couldn’t get Palo on the night we wanted, and yet after standing in line after lunch on the 1st day, mostly with people who wanted to get early dinner, we got our preferred reservation.

DCL really does a great job “making things work” for their guests.