Wait for HHN to buy park tickets?

Hi All, we are planning a trip in Sept and we will do 1 night of HHN. With the buy 2 days get 2 days free deal right now, should we buy our park tickets or is there an advantage to wait for the HHN tickets to go on sale? Will they have a better priced combo type ticket?

You have up until August 13th to buy those discounted tickets. This will give you time if you want to wait & see if a better deal comes out.

IME - Buy 2 get 2 is pretty good. In past years it’s been buy 3 get 2.

It is possible that a better hotel package deal that includes items like Express Pass and / or discounted rooms. So if looking to stay on-site consider that an option. A hotel room is often the bigger expense than tickets.

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Where are you planning on getting the tickets from?

I would buy from UT if there were not any Universal HHn specials.