+ Waffle Fries at MK

Going to have to give these a try. http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2014/08/14/news-and-review-waffle-fry-menu-debuts-at-magic-kingdoms-golden-oak-outpost/


EasyWDW gave them a pretty bad review. Too bad, was looking to try em.

I am so upset! The spicy chicken sandwich was my favorite thing to eat in MK : ( It was bad enough that Golden Oak was only open here and there... Guess i was lucky to get one last month.

If they are close to Figaro fries I'm all for it but so far reviews aren't looking good.

I am definitely eating them in 2 weeks when I get down there, but I am not optimistic. DFB always LOVES EVERYTHING so its no surprise they gave them a good review. I typially find easywdw to be more honest/critical... so probably they are no good. I will be trying them anyway smile

I guess I can see that if the fries aren't extra crispy, they could get soggy from those toppings. Maybe we can ask for extra crispy fries? He also didn't like the toppings but did he mention which one/s he tried? I only saw a tweet. Couldn't find the blog (assuming there is one)

Seems poutine is the way to go. http://blog.wdwinfo.com/2014/08/15/new-golden-oak-outpost-menu-is-waffle-fry-heaven/

I assumed that the blog is coming. It looked from one of him tweeted photos that they tried 3 of them. He did rave about the sweet potato nuggets though so I am excited for those.

The reviews are so all over the place... you have to wonder if the product has just been inconsistent because they are new?

I'm going to find out. smile

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