Wading into the TP with FPP waters

Hi All! A newbie here.

I am getting up to speed on use of the FPP system and coordinating with TP’s. Having used TP’s on previous trips to WDW this adds a new layer of fun.

Last night we just hit the 60 day mark before our June 8th trip. So late into the night last night my DW and I set up our FPP reservations. Its a mix based on the various ages of our kids. I tried some preliminary optimizations but my FPP reservations don’t seem optimal for TP. For example, my top three for MK (day 1 of 2) are Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Peter Pan. So from a chicken or the egg point of view, should I start with a custom plan and add/modify with my FPP choices and then try optimizing or use a standard plan and add the FPP choices. And then after optimizing go back to modify my FPP reservations?

Please thank you for your understanding if this is a repeat question. I have searched the blogs and other posting and am still trying to overcome the learning curve.

I think we may need more information. I love your FPs, and even as a 53 year old I may pick those FPs as well!

What time are your FPs?

My Fast Pass + times are:

Peter Pan: 9:25-10:25 am
Space Mountain 10:25-11:25
Splash Mountain 4:10-5:10 pm

My kids are 3, 6, and 8 in age. Because of this we will be switching parents on the two mountain rides. My oldest will be able to ride all three rides.

The trek between PP and Space mountain is rather long. I wonder if it would be better to shift it to later in the day before or after splash mountain.

What re you doing before Peter Pan? If you re heading towards Space, ride it towards the end of the window, with PP towards the beginning, the time could work.

As would I and I am 46. Peter Pan is my favorite.

Personally I like create my TP’s and then look for the rides with the longest expected waits and then set my FP times to fit that schedule.


Also if you are going to do rider swap don’t forget that the swap ticket lets you go back with up to three people so your oldest can actually ride twice for each of them.

I’m struggling with the TPs too @bfwilliams, so I can’t help you there. But I wanted to say welcome aboard!

I’m a strong proponent of making Personalized TPs and then using the Optimizer to work out the best FPP reservations to get. See Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for details.

Thanks everyone for the encouraging feedback!

Here is a draft for my MK Day 1 (of 2 days) for Monday June 8, 2015. This is getting fun.


After several optimizations, I can’t seem to get the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride to list as the first step. So I just may manually add it and then do as many activities before the first FPP at PPF.

After reading some of the trip reports I also wonder if my plan can be completed or I need to scale it back.

I have 5 more days to plan!

Don’t worry about putting 7DMT first - just go with where the Optimizer wants it. Also, in my experience the TPs have been quite accurate - from most trip reports I have read, when they go wrong it is usually down to a ride closure or something else that cannot be predicted. If you are going off-plan, just reoptimize in the park.

This is also what I do. But I think I may have a problem with indecisiveness. I change resorts until I can’t anymore, then change ADRs until things aren’t available and I can’t anymore, then I fiddle with TPs and FPPs until I can’t anymore.
Lol. Nevermind. Don’t listen to me.
Seriously, though, your best bet is to listen to the TP and get your FPP to make your longest waits (per the optimizer) disappear with them.


By the way, this looks good. And I just realized we will be there at the same time, except my MK day is the day before yours. I’ll scope it out for you. :slight_smile:

[quote=“bfwilliams, post:10, topic:12058”]
I can’t seem to get the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride to list as the first step[/quote]
As I understand the way the Optimizer sees this is that it assumes you won’t be at the head of the pack and be among the first in line for 7DMT. If you are planning to arrive long before rope drop and position yourself in the tunnel under the train tracks right away (even though you won’t see the morning Welcome Show), know what route to follow, and walk briskly, then putting 7DMT first makes sense, since you’ll be in front of most of the crowd. In that case, conventional wisdom is to add a break or just set the start time for your touring plan to be around 15 minutes after the park opens.

If you’re going to watch the Welcome Show and don’t expect to be among the first to get to that ride, then you’re going to wait in line no matter what. The queue is interesting to see at least once, especially if you’re traveling with kids, so I wouldn’t mind a wait there in the 20-30 minute range.

Very good point. It would be cool if there were a “I’m a dedicated Liner who will be at the front of the turnstiles and will “walk with purpose” pushing the elderly and infirm out of my way” switch for the TPs. :wink:

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Someone has to be in front of the line.

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