Volunteers needed at Give Kids The World

Hey all. Long time lurker first time Forum post starter. I posted on chat, but I thought I would post here too. I leave for a solo volunteering trip (with some wdw thrown in) with Give Kids The World tomorrow. On Saturday the 28th they are having a memorial service for their founder Henri Landwirth. They have a very big need for volunteers for diner from 5:30-9pm that day. I let them know I would reach out to y’all to see if anyone was able to help. I know it’s hard to take time out of the Disney vacation when there is so much other stuff to do, but this is a big/sad day for the Village and I don’t want them to worry about dinner shift. If you are able to help (must be 12 yrs of age and older) please fill out the application here http://www.gktw.org/volunteer/apply.php

Then let me know and I will let my contacts know so they can get you processed quickly

Thanks y’all.


Dang we fly out that evening :confused:

Nuts. Well keep it in mind for next time you visit. They could always use help I just know the need this weekend is greater than normal.

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