Volcano Bay - Height Question

How strict is the maximum height for Runnamukka Reef at Volcano Bay? It’s the older kids’ playground. The kid is too tall by an inch or two. Thanks!


Based on this loose language, I highly doubt the 54" is enforced. Unless of course you have a gang of teenagers storming the area. :joy:


That’s what I was thinking. It’s not a safety requirement. I don’t even recall a measuring station.

I’m sure your kiddo will enjoy it and be fine.


When we went with our kids, the adults were able to accompany the kids around the play area. So a kid that is just a bit too tall shouldn’t be turned away. There might be a strict enforcement of the height requirement on one of the kids slides - we didn’t try them - but as far as just being in the area and playing on the installations, you should be fine.


Thanks @Jeff_AZ, @bebe80, and @Shmebulock! I was concerned that it was a Pteranodon Flyers situation. :rofl::rofl:. He’s 56 inches so I think he’ll be fine. If he gets turned away from the slides, it looks like there’s a lot of other fun things there!

Also, all of VB looks really neat. Such a nice water park.


I remember noting kids that were obviously too tall. But, they were playing nicely and it was fine.

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Thanks @Sophia818! That’s good to know. :blush: