Vive la différence!

What things matter to you that don’t matter to other people? What things do other people make a fuss about that you don’t care about?

For example, I often see people asking which coffee machines are in resort rooms. I am completely indifferent to this. Don’t care at all.


Rope drop and optimised Touring Plans.

I guess I’d better see myself out now. :grin:

<ducks and runs>


Afternoon breaks. And my kids are 7, 4, and 2.


I don’t care about signature dining, unless it happens to be a character meal. My kids are still young, and they aren’t interested in fancy meals, so neither am I when I go to Disney World.


Yeah, I’m completely indifferent to the coffee machines, too. I don’t think I even used one during my last trip.

I don’t care a jot about riding the big rides like Soarin’, FoP, EE, etc.


I couldn’t care less about 7MDT.


Character meets


Don’t care about:

  • Characters. We do parties for the shows, parades and ride overlays.
  • Arriving early for parades or fireworks. I’ve never had a problem finding a space fairly last minute. Certainly I’d never ever consider being there before half an hour early, and often it’s the last 5-10minutes.
  • Leaving the parks for a break. We do RD to closing in the parks. Maybe a rest day sometimes but no larger breaks (30 min for quick meals, 50m table service and 15m in between) during the day and certainly no afternoons off.
  • Fancy meals. Almost all of our current trip is QS, to be eaten while walking or queuing if possible. We are doing BoG, TTS, LC, OC and HDDR…actually now I type that out I’ve never done a trip with so many sit down meals. Don’t know if this is a lot or not (over 6.5 WDW days) to everyone else!

Do care about:

  • Staying on-site. I wouldn’t do WDW or UOR now without the on-site benefits. Time is too precious!
  • Planning. I know we on here do, but most people obviously don’t! I feel sorry for the ones hoping to turn up for a nice family trip without ADRs, FPPs, TPs etc.
  • Transport. Linked to both of the above. I really wish WDW had proper timetables and everything wasn’t just “allow 90 minutes”
  • Tom Sawyer Island. Odd choice I admit, but this is a must-do for us. So is the similar pirate cave at DLP. I know many people skip it because it’s a pain to get to or “boring” but it’s a pretty unique experience in a Disney park and nice to get some time basically alone

my list has changed greatly over the years and now that kids are grown and flown.
There are many things I don’t care about now
like if I don’t have a fast pass for something and the line is longer than 30 minutes, I won’t do it and I won’t care (unless it’s splash mountain)
I too care about where I stay. I stay on property, or I don’t go. Now where on property I stay is less important than the customer service. Stayed at CR in 2016, and not my fave for theming, but best customer service ever.


Never have done Tom Sawyer island, but I plan to next trip

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Room requests. It never occurred to me to pick the view, etc. before a trip. I like to be surprised about the location of my room (and was never disappointed)!

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Must add that staying on property is a must. Mostly due to 60 day FPP and the Disney vibe.

I can’t do any sort of fancy roller coaster so the big E ticket rides are often lost on me. The hard FP to get I’m still trying to get are all for others in my party and if I fail to get them it’s ok. I also just don’t care about “doing it all.” It seems like a lot of people are very intent on doing every single ride. We’ve focused more on which things we most want to do and go from there, often with just finding out what the next available FP is.

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What a great topic! :thinking::100::medal_sports::dart:

I don’t care about merch. Can’t understand why Disney Springs (or Citywalk, FWIW) exists. Y’all have shopping malls at home, right? That’s free (and people watching is free there, too).

I do care about planning. (:left_speech_bubble:hello, my name is THM and I’m addicted to Disney Planning sites). My DMom said once that my planning for our four-day weekend trip rivaled the invasion plans for Normandy Beach!


Don’t care about: Test Track, PotC, PPF, Splash, Characters, TS meals, shopping.

Care: any geeky implementation detail of park engineering/urban planning, including stuff like trash cans colour. Love reading about them and search for these stuff while in the parks.


Thought of another one…

Don’t care, not a jot, about theming a land (Pandora, SWGE, WWoHP, etc.). By all means, theme the ride, but I’m not going to spend one millisecond marvelling at the detail of the rock design, the aging of the metal, or the splatter paint on the ground.

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I don’t care much about:

  • EMH even if I’m staying on-site
  • rope drop
  • ‘you must do/can’t miss this’ lists
  • ‘ways to ride the most rides in one day’ tips
  • ‘you must eat this’ lists
  • buying souvenirs
  • staying late for fireworks

I care about taking it as easy as possible and making sure the family is happy and not overtired.

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I do not care about Test Track, Character Meets, or Epcot festivals.

I don’t care about PPO breakfasts, staking out a the best spot for parades or fireworks, and actually skip fireworks most of the time because my kids (16 and 10) could not care less about them. I’d rather have a rested happy family so we usually only rope drop one or two days at most. I do care about riding Spaceship Earth and People Mover multiple times, going to COP, and spending time at Tom Sawyer Island.



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