Visiting WDW in June 2020 (13th - 21st)

Hello! I have been to WDW several times in the past; however, this is my first trip in June. June would not be preference for visiting but my husband has a business trip in Orlando next year. Since it’s been 4 years since we’ve been to WDW as a family I’m thinking, “why not?”. I’m worried about the crowd levels…has anyone visited in June? And if so, how was it?


June 2018 and I thought the crowds were completely manageable.

We were there earlier this month (June 8-15). I felt like the crowds were not bad at all (CL 5-7).

We just got back from our second year going in June. I don’t think it’s a bad time to go at all. I never felt overwhelmed or held up because of crowds. I think CLs for my trip this year ranged from 5-8 and that felt true in reality. Very manageable especially with a good touring plan. The weather wasn’t the worst either. Hot & humid, yes, but not unbearable.

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We’ve done June several times in the past few years and I don’t feel the crowds were bad (much better than spring break or Christmas crowds) The heat and humidity were rough, but I wouldn’t hesitate to go in June again.

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A while back we went in early June and it was pretty busy, but I think there were people there who had started their vacation over Memorial Day. Those crowds will have left by the time you arrive. Also, in the past few years people seem to have gotten smarter about coming at other times, so that crowds are actually heavier over winter & spring breaks.

Mostly it’s the weather that you have to contend with, but there are many ways to deal with that- you can go back to your resort, have lunch or visit a nearby resort, take a nice long TS lunch in the park, etc.

But it’s all an academic exercise, isn’t it? I mean, why pass up a chance to go at ANY time of the year if you’ll be in Orlando anyway!:grin:

I’m actually planning for June 21-26 so just about the same time frame so I’m following! Been the last 2 years in April and was spoiled with near perfect weather so hoping June is good too!