Visiting in April - any nighttime shows

I’m planning a visit in early April before Easter week - are there likely to be any shows, as I believe Fantastic and World of Color won’t be running? Rather upset about Fantasmic as I last saw it in '92 and have been looking forward to seeing it again for a longtime!


The entertainment calendar is only published 6 weeks in advance & often takes up until 2-4 weeks before to be truly updated with all the offerings, so you’ve still got some time before either is a definite no-go for your trip.

True WOC is down (and has been since April when it’s annual refurb unearthed or maybe even caused a major malfunction). Also true that F! will go down for refurb at the end of Jan but I’m certain that Disney plans to have at least one, if not both of those back by Spring Break season.

There is a new show starting later this month that will run everyday- Mickey’s Mix Magic. It’s descibed as a projection, light show with fireworks on select nights but that one show IMO will not be near enough for any type of crowded season so that’s why I think they will want at least one of those other shows running as soon as they can.