Visiting HS post-SWGE

I am so far behind planning our December trip (we’re past 180 days at this point). I am having a terrible time choosing our HS day. I realize no one knows what crowd patterns will be like until it opens, but it really is messing me up even though I honestly don’t care about seeing SWGE (my kids are all under age 5). Based on multiple crowd calendars & what I’ve read I think we’ll do Saturday AM rope drop & do a short evening visit on a different day.
My reasoning:

  1. It’s not a MVMCP day. MK is open late after 2 early closes. Hopefully this draws many people away from HS.
  2. Several crowd calendars suggest it (although not TP, but TP doesn’t account for SWGE in their predictions).
  3. Avoid EMH since so many on-site will be banking on it for SWGE access.

My plans are about as fluid as they come at this point, so if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please share! Our trip dates are 12/3-12/11 with 9 day hoppers. We’re doing a morning at HS & Fantasmic on a different night.

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Glad to hear your plans are fluid.

Because the second ride is apparently still on schedule to open before the end of the year. Unfortunately for you, that means those EEMH could well continue beyond the end of October.

I would concentrate for now on a TP that covers what you need. Assume the tier changes stay, and then wait to see what happens. Hopefully things will be clearer by FP day.

If you are planning to book ADRs, I would grab as many as you can to give you flexibility. The good news is that you’ll have a whole month of SWGE before your FP day so that will help! I think your tentative plans sound good and as long as you can get into the park, I think you’ll be ok since you’re looking for the attractions geared towards younger ages.

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Yes I have double booked ADRs right now until my park days are finalized. I hate doing that, but I really want to see how SWGE plays out before I finalize the plan and book FPP.

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That’s good to know about the second attraction. I haven’t really been following it, but looks like it should be on my radar.

I’ll just keep telling myself that a CL10 with a TP is better than a CL5 without one…right?

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