Visiting Epcot during Wine and Dine 1/2 Marathon

I am going to Disney World (for the first time! Wouhou) during the first week of November.

I have been looking at the crowd calendar and Sunday, November 5th is the one where Epcot has the lowest crowds while we are in Disney World (level 4). Is it a bad idea to go to Epcot during the marathon? Is it why the crowds are so low? Are rides closed?

I have started to book restaurants (and plan the whole trip) and would love some feedback!


Rides are not closed… they haven’t released the race course yet, but the only thing that it impacts directly is possibly getting from point A to point B in the most direct route in the morning. However, the post race party is that evening, so there may be more crowds milling around waiting for that to start. This year is my first W&D half, so maybe someone who has been there before would have a better answer.

I’ve generally read to avoid World Showcase during F&W on the weekends because it is packed with locals.