Visa Gift Card to Magic Band

Does anyone know if you can link a Visa gift card to a magic band?

I don’t believe so, but maybe someone else with some direct experience can verify.

The way I understand it is that your MB is not actually linked to any credit card or gift card, but, rather, to your room. So any charges to make with the MB are charged to your room. Then at the end of each day the credit card you are using for your room is charged for your expenses. If you would like to use your gift card, you would need to go to the front desk before the end of each day to have them charge the gift card specifically for your expenses for the day.

At least this is how I understand it based on what I’ve read.

Edit: I’m sorry. I just realized that you said it was a Visa gift card. I would think that as long as you have enough funds on it, it might work. Again, maybe someone else has some direct experience with this

Pretty much, except that they won’t charge to your credit card until it reaches the resort limit.

Each resort has a different limit, so in general the deluxe resorts have a higher limit than the mods, which have a higher limit than the value resorts.

So you won’t necessarily have to pay it down each night.