Virtual porthole?

So, I’m doing the investigating into which category room we want to do… The one we will have along with us is 3… looking at pricing, it’s not that much different between inside with virtual porthole and ocean view… I know we won’t be in the room much, but I’m a bit worried about feeling claustrophobic (we’ve never cruised before)… money isn’t much of an issue here, but if we won’t be spending much time in the room anyway, do we really need the ocean view?

Any thoughts?

hello again . . I heard on a podcast that the virtual rooms were so popular Disney raised the prices. some kids seem to actually prefer them to the ocean view apparently. haven’t been yet so I can’t comment from experience. Personally, I think I would go nuts if I couldn’t at least look out a real window. but if you are gone most of the day, it won’t matter at all in the dark as you can’t see anything anyway.

We had an outside room (HUGE porthole, no balcony). I would go with the outside option myself. As dandlsmom pointed out the virtual portholes are very popular. We were at the VERY bottom of the boat (level 1 or 2) and the porthole was big enough for our daughter to actually sleep in - it was about 3 ft wide. Our inlaws were up at the top with one of the HUGE portholes - and it basically took up the whole end of their cabin - it was a fantastic view. We have stayed in inside rooms (prior to the portholes) and it was fine. But given the option I would still opt for the “real” thing

I did inside room with myself and 2 kids and it was really tight when we were in the room. They loved watching it but I can’t imagine 4 people in that room.