Virtual lines

Can have two virtual line passes? One for Jimmy Fallon and one for fast and furious?

Have you asked this in chat too? Do you have a Universal subscription? If you do not- is it ok if I do? This is a great question but since this is the first week and it does not apply to EP, I don’t know if anyone knows the answer.

I posted in chat but I had an idea and posted a link to this post : Weekly Preview Mail Bag Questions

I think @josephmatt, would know and it is a great question for the mailbag!

I do not know if you are still wondering but it was answered today:

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Yes I just did it last week, I used the “universal” app while waiting on line for Shriek 4D, I gauged my wait time for the 4d show and use the app to setup my Virtual lines for Jimmy Fallon for about 1/2 hour after the wait time for shriek and then I set up FnF about an hour after Fallon. All done from the app while waiting to go into shriek… Walk up to Fallon and scaned my barcode on the app and walked into the show. The same with FnF scaned barcode on the app and walked into FnF with the EP people…