Virtual Line Experience

I at USF today, first timer! I am looking everywhere on the app for the virtual line experience and can’t find it! Is not available or user error on my part?

The only ride that uses a virtual line is Jimmy Fallon. And even then, it isn’t really needed.

Have you seen this used recently?

No. But in 2021, they still offered it for some reason despite there being no wait. At all. Perhaps they finally retired it entirely?

The VL option on the app was taken off a while ago. There have been no attractions using it this year. It was reportedly abandoned for good.

The exception is Meet the Grinch VL, and other seasonal offerings. You’ll find that on the specific experience page on the app.


Virtual Line is mostly retired now except for certain situations like Mardi Gras parade float riding, Super Nintendo World access in USH, etc. Attractions largely do not use it anymore.


The last time we used a virtual queue it was in a totally separate site (not in the app) and there was a QR code you had to scan to get to the site.