Virtual Disney

Nice article from TPG with links to “virtual rides” at various Disney parks:


Thanks, I had to watch Indiana Jones to see if it looked as good virtually as I remembered it!

Do you (or anyone else know) if Indiana Jones is the exact same as Dinosaur with a different overlay? Seems like they would do that rather than designing a completely different ride.

It’s good to see that Peter Pan gets the same crazy lines at Shanghai Disney too! 75 minutes!

Edit: Hmm, 2 rows on each pirate ship and no continuous loading. For anyone who doesn’t feel like watching the ride video, Shanghai leaves out the Indians (I get this since that might be meaningless to the locals, if they haven’t read the Western version of the book) but they also leave out the mermaids. Are mermaids not something that exists in Asian fantasy or was it just an omission to make it cheaper to build?

They say it is the same but it “feels” so different!


Kind of like Frozen Ever After. I assumed they would change the ride configuration, but I believe it’s exactly the same ride just with a new overlay. As long as it took, I assumed they were re-doing the whole thing.


It might be my imagination but Indy feels a lot smoother to me.


" Though it may be hard to believe, your path through the dismal, doomed jungle is almost an exact replica of the race through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. But for a few (literal) cut corners, each twist and turn is the same, with analogous scenes so well-disguised, even those lucky enough to have ridden both are unlikely to realize it! Of course, that’s also one of the chief complaints about DINOSAUR. In a vacuum, it’s a successful, terrifying, exciting dark ride. But knowing that set dressing is all that separates it from Indiana Jones Adventure makes it fair game for comparison… and in a head-to-head match, DINOSAUR doesn’t stand a chance."

I have also read that although the layout is essentially the same, the scale is different, with DInosaur being slightly bigger.


How weird. Indian Jones is my favorite ride at DL but I hated Dinosaur the one time I rode it. I guess it’s the story that makes the difference for me.:joy::joy:


Indiana Jones has a great soundtrack along with the much stronger story line. Dinosaur must have a soundtrack too, but I don’t remember it despite having ridden Dinosaur multiple times in 2019.