VIPassholder Night

Wow am I liking having an annual pass. Just got an email saying that one of the days that I’ll be there(9/6), Epcot is going to have an “extended hours” just for AP holders. Woo hoo, and here I was a bit worried that night was going to be a short one! lol

Kinda a lame move to not allow actual guests of the AP (everyone who attends must have an AP), though.

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Yeah. saw that one of the nights I am there in October is also available. Unfortunately I am travelling with my brother on that trip and he does not have an AP. Great idea though, hope they will do more of this in the future.

I won’t be there for any of the days these events are offered which is a HUGE bummer! Hoping they might release more dates…but not holding my breath.

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I couldn’t believe it! Not only was I able to boo is, it worked out perfect for our October trip (that I now need to book!!)

Interesting tidbit: all my friends in my MDE that have APs at WDW were selected for me to reserve for the event. I thought that was neat theygave me the option! (Sadly none of them will be with us…but I didn’t have to add my husband or the kids!!)

I’m excited. Epcot is my favorite park too. I imagine the kids will be on test track all night.

Me, I’ll be the girl in a dress with crystal encrusted flats. I usually forget my liner button, but I’ve never seen another guest in shoes like mine. Or a crystal encrusted magic band. :joy::joy: