VIP tours - booking as an onsite or off site guest

I’m looking to book a VIP tour for our November trip. We have onsite reservations but likely end up staying offsite. Booking opens 60 days from your onsite check in date or 60 days from your tour date (if staying off site). Wondering if anyone has book a VIP tour using the onsite check in date, then cancelled the onsite hotel reservation and maintained the VIP tour reservation? Thanks.

Booking is simply 60 days prior to your preferred tour date. I’d call early if possible, and they will give you the details.

When I called yesterday they said if I had an on-site reservation it was 60 days before my check-in date :woman_shrugging:t3: Maybe I’ll call again to confirm.

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Booking is 60 days out from your check-in date, up to 10 days like ADRs, cabanas etc.

Obviously sometimes a CM will give out wrong info. If that happens then ask to be transferred.

Yep I’d call as early as possible just to be sure. Those yours fill up fast.