VIP tour?

anyone ever splurged on one of these at Universal? We are considering a visit to celebrate several big events. Might stay offsite, which then makes me very fearful of lines etc. so are considering a splurge on a VIP tour. This would be during spring break so very busy time (and I’m not even sure it is available as an option then)

If you could swing it, go for it, if available. I’ve never heard bad reports.

Vip at uni is $350 per person on top of entry tickets. I would suggest just buying express passes instead. The single use per ride are good value as you prob wont have time for lots of multiple rides in 1 day. You can buy on the day also. We were going to buy exp pass at Easter but didn’t need it.
If your group us more than 6 you need to book a private vip tour instead .
If you can afford to do then I do think it would be amazing though. Have you joined the uni side of lines Lots of helpful folk there.

Thanks . . I’m not sure we could afford the VIP, but this would be our first visit to Universal. I’m very familiar with disney, but am freaking out a bit at the thought of dealing with the lines at Universal if we stay off property and don’t get that extra hour at harry potter. I have a lot to figure out, but thankfully a lot of time to do it.

When are you going, for how long, ages and are you planning other parks or visiting anywhere else.

Don’t panic @dandlsmom! I was there in June with CL 9 days. I was staying offsite and had no extra hours. I still got to ride Gringotts 4 times in a day in the last hour before closing and saw almost all the attractions, at least all those I really wanted to see!
No Express Pass or anything needed. Just a good TP. Check what you really want to see and place those attractions into a TP, arrive early and go go go!
Vip tour would be excellent, Express Pass would be excellent and if you have the money please by all means splurge! But as a very broke tourist I can tell you that you can do Universal very nicely without either. Park to park ticket, early arrival and a TP and you are set!

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thank you quicha! sounds like I can relax a bit. I am planning way ahead for a blow trip in march 2017, to celebrate a milestone bday, wedding anniversary, and (hopefully) my early retirement. will be in Orlando about 7 days. Staying at disney at least part of the time, and visiting disney parks too. This gives me something happy to think about when other things are annoying me!

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Second what @quicha says you can do uni off site we did it Easter 2013 with no exp pass and saw everything we wanted in 3 days with lots of repeats . We didn’t commando tour in fact one morning we spent 3 hours wandering Hogsmead butter beer in hand just taking in all the theming.
We did miss out most shows as kids wanted to do more rides but we love universal and found it a much calmer less frantic environment than WDW. This is prob to do with there being less under 5s so less tanrums and sleep deprevation and meltdowns. (and thats just the parents) and guests not freaking out over missing an adr or fpp return time etc xx


You have made me feel much better about this part of the trip! nice to know it can be done without staying on site, as its my preference to stay somewhere else.

VIP tour isn’t mandatory if you follow a good touring plan, but they are absolutely wonderful if you can afford it. Read about it here: