VIP Tour Share in October?

I’m trying to set up a VIP Tour share for 10/21/18. My party consists of 4 adults (me-29, hubby-34, Mom-51, Dad-53). My rough estimate is that we’d start at 11am in one park (AK maybe) so that would give the opportunity to RD a few attractions and grab an early lunch before the tour starts. Then I’d like to hit the highlights (mainly e-ticket rides) in all 4 parks ending at 6pm in MK since we’ll be attending MNSSHP that night.

I’m hoping to get the full 10 people in the tour but I’m willing to cover 1/2 the cost as I’d like to be the leader of the group.

I’m trying to plan this as a surprise for my husband’s birthday which is the day we’d be doing the tour and my mom’s birthday is 4 days after that.

By my estimation, if I can get 6 more people it’d be $250-$350 per person depending on the hourly rate the day we do it. I called a couple days ago and they don’t have that info quite yet but I’ll update when I get the hourly rate!

Thanks for your consideration!