VIP tour of the parks with Cast Member?

Has anyone ever done one of the private VIP tours of the parks? This is where they pick you up at your Resort Hotel and take you to any or as many parks as you want to get nearly first in line on any of the attractions, parades, shows etc of your choosing. Yes this comes at a huge cost per hour…but wondering if any of you have done or know others who have done this. I believe these is a minimum number of hours you must book.

Following. I want to learn about this, too!

I’ve never done this, but after it was on black-ish, I read some chat about this on Chat. :slight_smile: I believe what I read was that it is $475 per hour, minimum 7 hours, and that you can have a group of up to 10 people for that price (same hourly rate whether your group is 10 people or smaller). That should at least give you a ballpark idea!