VIP tour advice?

I actually asked for a replacement and they told me they didn’t have anyone else, our tour was considered a “late start” and we got “the last guide we have today, I’m so sorry but you’re stuck with them”. Apparently the guide calling and claiming to be “unsafe” changed things and they switched us after that.

I think if you’re planning to ride rides you’ll be fine. I’ve been on over 20 VIP tours and this is the first experience like this ever. One of my guests has been on many as well and we’ve had over a dozen different guides between us and never run into anything like this.

I’m guessing this guide had other plans for their Saturday night but got called into work, and no matter what group they had been with would have probably found a way to get pulled. I hope they find a new career path!


Man oh man, that’s unfortunate. I am glad to hear your other experiences have been awesome though! We are meeting our guide at 2pm and then trying to cram in as much as possible over the course of 7 hours, ending at DHS with Fantasmic! This is our first VIP tour, but we will do more if we feel the price can be justified. And the price is pretty steep, so I need to be DAZZLED! :wink:

Can I ask - what do you normally tip?


As a VIP Tour junkie, it’s not worth the expense, BUT, we are junkies who have more disposable income than sense and it is what it is. (I’m not sure how I am put it any other way? I know. I’m the worst. Don’t worry, I love make-a-wish and so loads of things I don’t talk about to offset my excessive spending habits)

As far as tipping, it depends on the guide. Generally for me, it depends on the guide, the time of year, and how much nonsense I subject them too, also how big the group is. This wasn’t a tipped position until about 2016/2017, so it’s relatively new. Do not get me started on what disney charges VS what they pay the actual guides, it’s an incredible source of revenue for the parks.

That said, not all guests tip and some tip more. There’s been some scuttle online about people refusing to tip on top of the $500-$1,000 an hour rates.


Hands down! I really did feel like a VIP instead of just having a talking fastpass.

I’m so sorry I didn’t see this posted earlier. We have tipped between $500 and $2000 depending on the guide and level of service.

And that’s just another reason why Universal has better VIP services. @JuliaMc I cannot believe this happened! And it explains so much because I ALWAYS have a late start. :thinking:

I would have been absolutely mortified. What a horrific experience.

It’s like I found my people. Don’t ever apologize. You are magnificent and deserve to spoil yourself.

I am seriously clutching my pearls at that guide though.

My experience with the 10 or so tours I’ve done. There are some great guides and some…“ok” guides. Never be afraid to communicate what you hope to experience and accomplish or ask any questions you may have. The guides are there (hopefully) for their knowledge of getting around the parks efficiently to maximize the most out of your day.


I was floored with what was quoted to me for a Wednesday tour, last week in September at DLR. But I’m the schmuk paying it because I have an entire afternoon to kill before our flight back, but not enough time to do everything we want without having to use single rider.

I offer no judgment! I am a true believer in “it is your money, you do what you want”, and I am just as bad, so I have lack of standing. We worked hard to get to where we are, so we tend to go a bit overboard sometimes. My children have been on trips that I would not have even imagined, and I try to make them see that. This VIP tour won’t help though… lol

Thank you so very much for all your insight, I really appreciate it. I will start a new thread with my experiences likely after our trip!


Well now I may go look at the Universal VIP tours also! This is such a vicious cycle! :joy:

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It really does feel like it sometimes.

My Uni guy literally threw out his arms as we were walking so no one walked into me (high functioning anxiety). Plus a great VIP only dining option/buffet before noon or 1 pm.

I want to say his name is Derick, but I could absolutely be making that up.