VIP Tour 10/21

I’ve posted on chat but figured I’d post here too… I’m looking to round out my VIP Tour group by adding 2 more people who prioritize e ticket rides in all 4 parks. The cost is $300pp.

The details:
When- Oct 21, 2018 11am-6pm
Cost: $300pp (I’m paying a little more than half the full cost in order to retain a little more control). Also, the money is not due to Disney until 48 hours before the start so there’s plenty of time to plan for it.
The plan: I will be asking everyone to provide a list of priority attractions which I will compile and make into a must do, can do, and if there’s time list to give to our guide so they can facilitate the best way to go about it. This is going to be very ride heavy.

Start time will be 11am at AK. My plan is to RD and ride Safari, Dino, Expedition Everest and Flight of Passage and grab a quick (early-ish) lunch before we meet at 11. We can coordinate meeting earlier and riding some of those together or just meet for the tour at 11 where we’ll head over for one more ride on FoP. Then depending on what the guide suggests we’ll head to HS or EP. At HS, my priorities would be Toy Story rides, ToT, RNRC, and Star Tours. At EP, Soarin’, Frozen, TT (maybe twice if time allows since it’s my mom’s favorite), Mission Space and Spaceship Earth. We’ll end at MK (DH, my parents and I have Halloween Party tix that night). MK priorities are mountains and classics. We may try to watch the FoF parade (VIPs have a really nice reserved viewing area) but with the parade being at 2, that might be too tight.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I feel like I just throw a lot of info at people and may still miss some stuff.

Sounds like a great time! It does feel a little ambitious, even with a guide, to plan 4P1D in a 7hr time span. That’s less than 2hrs per park; some attractions last 30 minutes. Did you receive guidance on this from the VIP planners? Just trying to imagine how this would play out in a non stressful way. Also, it feels stressful to think of ending at MK when the park will close at 6p. That would work for your party, who have MNSSHP tickets. It not for someone who doesn’t and may want to continue on in their touring when you all part ways.

Just some thoughts. I hope you find a taker!

Thanks for those thoughts. AK is really only 1 attraction as we meet the guide at 11, ride FoP and immediately head to the next park. I know it’s ambitious and there will probably have to be cuts on the day (which is fine). These details are basically a dream scenario.

As for MNSSHP, we don’t have any other option as DH and I land 6:30pm on Saturday and leave 7:00pm on Monday so we have a ridiculously limited time.

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My friend just did an 8 hour VIP with all 4 parks with 10 people in August. Maybe she can chime in on timing for you. @JuliaMc is enjoying Disneyland today, so might take her some time to get back to you.

Thank you, @Wahoohokie, that would be super helpful! I’d love to get an idea of what was accomplished to have a realistic idea! Obviously, I have a list of what I’d love to do but I know I’ll probably have to make cuts in a few places.

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This sounds amazing!! I wish I could take you up on it!

So we actually had 7 hours in August, on a Saturday. (The 11th)

We were a party of 10, and we hit all 4 parks. I had done a 7-hr 4 Park tour the month before so I knew it was possible. We also had the same guide (His name is Connor and he is AWESOME, if you want to make a request. Seriously, he’s AMAZING)

We started in the Magic Kingdom at 2pm, met in front of the Plaza (where half the party ate lunch).

We did:

Magic Kingdom:
Splash Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain
Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Space Mountain

Park hopped to Epcot (backstage driving/entrances are AWESOME)

Mission Space
Frozen Ever After

Had to abandon Test Track, as it went down.

Hopped to Hollywood Studios, came in right by Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster
Slinky Dog Dash
Alien Swirling Saucers
Midway Mania
Tower of terror (this was a “maybe” depending on time. There was time, so some of the group went. I did not go on a lot of the rides)

Then we hopped to Animal Kingdom and we entered right into Pandora.

Animal kingdom:
Na’vi River Journey
Flight of Passage

At this point we had about 20 minutes left but I had also made reservations for Rivers of Light, so me and 3 of the tour guests went over there and Connor scanned the other 6 into Flight of Passage for a second time, and then I told him thank you and sent him on his merry way early.

We did stop, we had food breaks, but it was a VERY fast pace and it WAS grueling. But we all had a ball!

I don’t think I’ll plan such an ambitious tour again though. LOL!! But starting at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom is the way to go, just because of logistics. If you start at AK, I would go:

Animal Kingdom (and if you JUST do the two Pandora rides, you leave directly FROM Pandora!)
Hollywood Studios(Although I would skip a star tours, because it’s so far and it takes FOREVER)
Epcot (you can enter right by Test Track and his everything on that side easily)
Magic Kingdom: they bring you in just east of the Plaza, back behind Tomorrowland terrace.

The July tour was slower paced, but we still did all 4 parks. It was just a different experience because we had 3 little girls, aged 2-6! So different pace for sure! (But we still did everything we wanted and then some!)



And I’m enjoying sharing the information as I prop my feet up in Disneyland! :joy::joy: (I booked a one-night staycation, just needed to get away. Super getting in the mood for Florida next week now!!)

Thanks for the insights, @JuliaMc! That is super helpful! I don’t mind cutting Star Tours as I’m not a huge Star Wars fan and my mom gets motion sick on that one. Hopefully that won’t be on anyone’s must do list, lol

Test Track can also eat up time.

Honestly, I would highly suggest requesting Connor. He’s a true Disney fanatic, LOVES TO RIDE, and he went full-stop for all 7 hours in August without batting an eye. (I even attempted to feed him, but he was good. I did grab snacks for the whole tour a few times though) PM me if you want his full name. He is in guest relations, and so he can pick up tour shifts. (I asked. Because I don’t want another guide! You really do get attached)

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Thanks for chiming in Julia. Hope you all are having a great day.

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