VIP private tour share sep 3-10

Is anyone interested in sharing the cost of the VIP tour? We will be there sep2-11. Our group consists of DH, DW, DD7, and DD3. I’d be willing to get an in room babysitter if it ends up being all adults and no other kids.

Yay @jenniehughes The link worked.While I am not ready to pull the trigger and commit I am VERY interested in this. I would also be willing to try and help research and coordinate. If this seems “too much” Disney does have tours that come out to about the same $ 299 for 7 hours and I have had a lot of fun on those.

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I’m not completely ready to pull the trigger either. If I get enough people interested, I will definitely do it. The $299 tours I saw were per person and pretty much pre planned. The VIP tour is planned by “us”. If we do it, I’d definitely appreciate any help with research/information. I have two small children DD2 (6 weeks from 3 at time of travel) & DD7. The 7 year old rides everything. She’s ridden TT since she was 3. However, if we get enough interested, I’d get an in room sitter. Id love to tour starting late evening and into the night.

I have used a VIP guide for our family. We used her for about 8 hours on one day and 12 hours a couple of days later. Amazing experience! I would be happy to answer any questions and offer tips if wanted.

Thanks @coast2coast if this goes forward you can be sure we will inundate you with questions. @jenniehughes yes the other tours are pre planned though I have to say that the " thrills" tour was one of the best l have ever been on. What do you think about if one of us goes through the thread and messages the liners who showed interest. The problem with chat is that it is easy to miss a post. I admire you for going with 2 small children. At the moment I am going solo. My DSis may join me but talk about non adventurous. Needless to say I have never met a ride I didn’t conquer. I probably have more time to research so just let me know if you would like me to do something. BTW where are you staying?

I’d be interested in hearing more about it, but we only overlap on arrival/departure day.

Hi @Jlh12495. What are your dates?

@jc4289 we are staying at the poly, and I think it’s a great idea to go through the chat and message those who were interested. We really need to get enough people to make it cost effective.

We will be there 9/11-9/17, with DD7 and DS4 (plus me and DH). Could consider babysitter if needed.

If I don’t hear differently from you by 1 eastern time I’ll start going through at lunch. Meanwhile, gotta work Drats!

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I got your message that you’ve messaged everyone from the lines app that expressed interest. Sorry I didn’t see the previous post. I appreciate you taking the initiative. Also, Am I responding to the right post? Or, did you start a new one? :grinning:

No you responded right. It wasn’t much to do. I just did a cut and paste!

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I’ll be at the Poly 9/2-9/5

Hello, do you know whether you can use a VIP tour to avoid the crowds at the MK parades please?

Possibly interested too. I’ll be in WDW Sept 1-7 and was planning on MK on 4th, 5th and 6th. I believe the 4th is the highest crowds of the 3. So if the group was interested on the 4th, I would definitely be more interested (CL7). I’m doing a split stay BC/Poly.

forgot to mention - it’s just DH and myself, no kids.

Your VIP guide can arrange for special area viewing for some parades and fireworks. I have done electric parade at MK and wishes. Was told no special area for FOF in MK. These need to be pre arranged due to limited availability and at least the start time for these events are “on the clock”. So no using guide till dinner or whenever and being able to get VIP seating at night after your time is done. Also remember that time taken for eating is still being paid for so we ate only quick service while we toured.
We also asked to see Cinderella castle suite and was told she could have but someone was staying there. Be sure to ask for what you want even if it seems a little outrageous. Just ask nice! The guides usually have great stories too.

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Thank you

September 4th or 5th would be good with me.