Villains After Hours

Has anyone done this event? Not into Villains but want to do a DAH at MK. Is it more crowded than the regular DAH nights? Too spooky for an adventurous yet timid 10 year old?

Here’s a complete review of the event from one of my favorite blogs. You 'll plenty of pics of attractions, shows and the crowds -

I’m also wanting to hear about this. I was hoping for a regular DAH because of all the low wait times. From everything I’ve read on DISboards (and I haven’t read the easywdw Blog yet) this event is significantly more crowded than standard DAH.

I’ll be with 4 adults and 2 kids (8 & 4). It’s a very late event but they would be fine if we took a long nap during the mid day.

We did it last time with DS10 and had to leave early because DS freaked out with the Space Mountain overlay. My niece stayed until close. She said the lines for Space and Pirates never went below 30 minutes. Others rides we better (she didn’t try 7DMT). All that being said, when DS and I are there solo in February, it starts at 9 instead of 10 so we are trying again. We will avoid Space at all costs! He did ok with HS DAH twice, so I really think the 10pm start and the Space doomed us for DVAH.

We did it in July - it was good. Seemed like a lot more people than when we did DAH the year prior though so we had some waits. Space was really popular & we debated waiting - eventually did - it was fun & a unique experience with the music. By then we’d done most of what we really cared about anyway, so the wait wasn’t at too high of an opportunity cost of other rides missed. I will say the snack lines were much better this year than last despite more people in the park…

Have not done it yet but booked it for March

Aw man, I was hoping they’d have it for the last week of January… since there’s still no After Hours for that week.

Another ploy to suck money out of people’s wallets and to deny the MK to people who technically paid for a full day.

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We did VAH in July and I will never do it again. We thought it was very crowded.

We did DAH at MK two years ago and it was amazing - park was super empty! We’re going back in April 2020 and very tempted by the VAH…but not if it’s actually crowded :frowning:

Just got my tickets for VAH in March. It sounds like fun.

I’ve never understood it, but for some reason in the Disneyverse if you tack “Villains” onto anything its popularity soars logarithmically.


Thanks so much! That was perfect! I decided to do it…my kid wants late nights I don’t want crowds so we both win! Was trying to hold off for a regular DAH MK but there’s no telling if it will be offered when we are there. Now I can stop obsessively checking!

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