Villains after dinner at Cali Grill

7:30 reservation at California Grill on a night when fireworks start at 8:00. I really want to watch them from there, so I stalked feverishly to get this 7:30 ressie changed from 8:55. But now I am considering the After Hours party that starts at 9:00. Do you think I will be done with dinner at a decent time? (Six months ago I went to The Wave before MNSSHP and it took forever to get out of there. My reservation was at 5:30 and i didn’t get out until after 7:00.)

I would probably budget 2hrs for Cali Grill, especially if you will pause to take in the fireworks. It is not an experience that I would rush, not for anything.

One thing I have learned in going more regularly (which I get that I am very fortunate to do and I know not everyone has that opportunity) is to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the things you are doing. You have to really prioritize. What is more important to you on this night? Cali Grill with fireworks, or the full Villains experience? I don’t think you should rush or shortchange either one, or then what’s the point?

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Maybe, but do you want to feel the time crunch instead of enjoying a wonderful (and pricey) meal/experience? I would not–vacation is for relaxing not rushing to next thing IMO. We always do CG and I think we were there for 2+ hours last time as we didn’t rush.
You could move CG to earlier and stay for FW or even come back up to the terrace for fireworks.

If I should plan for at least two hours, you are correct that I will feel under the gun. And I guess there’s no point in showing up at Villains at 10PM - not at that price tag. The only reason I want to go to Villains has nothing to do with the villains. I don’t have any time mapped into my plans to be at MK at night, and I have always wanted to ride Splash at night. Tried to do it at MNSSHP, but the ride shut down unexpectedly. You’re right, and I don’t see Splash at night being nearly as spectacular as Cali Grill.

So… now I am considering instead … booking the Wild Africa Trek at AK. I can easily carve the three hours out of my schedule for it, even after a FP for Everest and FOP and ressie at Tusker House. Makes more sense from the “stop and smell the roses” standpoint, and I will probably get so much more out of it. Thanks for the advice because I would not have planned for two hours at Cali.

Now THAT is money well spent.

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Just booked, and it’s only slightly more than Villains. :sunglasses:


At first, I misread the title as “Villains After Dinner” at Cali Grill instead of “Villains” after dinner at Cali Grill, thinking this is a new event where the villain characters are at Cali Grill. That would be awesome.