Villa recommendation?

We will be doing a family trip early May 2019. Planning on doing a split-stay with first half at Art of Animation and take in AK and HS those days. Then I want to move closer to MK with easier transportation. I also want to splurge a bit and get a 1 bedroom so we can have a little more space and privacy. I know Bay Lake is touringplans recommendation. The rooms and pool are nice and it is walkable to MK but it just feels like an apartment/condo complex a bit. Floridian is a bit not our taste, Polynesian doesn’t offer much but the super expensive Bora Bora bungalow (which is awesome and I am tempted but I have to slap myself into reality that it is likely NOT worth it). So that leaves me focused on

  1. Wilderness Lodge Copper creek: Looks like nice/newish villas. Has boat access to MK but we are from Wisconsin and I worry the hotel is akin to what we are used to or staying in Wisconsin Dells.

  2. Boardwalk or Beach: Touringplan doesn’t rate their villas very high and it looks like the villa buildings are not quite in ideal/prime spots. Epcot is easy from these and HS but MK still likely requires a bus ride.

Anyone have first hand experience or done lots of research I would appreciate any opinions or thoughts. Like us all of course I want this to be special, kids first time.