Villa for 5 adults with an eye on budget

Hi, all - been taking a break from Lines, but some friends and I are trying to plan an adult trip. Looking to possibly stay at a villa / DVC but need to get recommendations on the best for our party size and not breaking the bank. There’s one couple, their adult son, myself, and a female friend that I could possibly share a bed with. What do you recommend?

Maybe renting points? It will assuredly be cheaper than through Disney directly, then you can purchase discounted tickets through Undercover Tourist or the like.

Oh, we would absolutely be remting points. My question was more about which DVC resort would be the best value and / or best sized for the number of people in our party. Thanks!

Gotcha. From what I understand Old Key West is the one with the largest (square footage wise) rooms since it was the first. Sometimes extra elbow room is much appreciated!

If you’re getting a villa then OKW is definitely the way to go for space and price for both 1 or 2 bedrooms, but with 5 full-sized people ANY 1 BR might be a squeeze for sleeping, since they all have 1 king, 1 couch bed (queen sized, I believe), and 1 single chair or murphy bed, which is on the short side and slightly narrower than a regular twin.

Sounds good - do the 2 br have one or two bathrooms? One of my friends suggested AoA suite since they have two.

The 2 BR villas have two bathrooms. They have one bedroom with two doubles (or maybe queens… I can’t really ever tell just by looking) and a full bathroom and a master bedroom with a king bed and a giant master bath. The toilet and shower are separated from the big tub and vanity sinks by a door, and are accessible from the living room/kitchen/foyer. The bedrooms are on either side of the living area (OKW has the biggest living area by quite a lot), and the living area has a couch bed and the chair bed with a coffee table and TV, a dining table, full kitchen (with all the appliances, dishes, and stuff you might need) and a nice sized patio or balcony. The big balcony also has a door to the master bedroom, and the other bedroom has a smaller balcony. There is also a foyer and a stackable washer/dryer, though the configuration and placement of those really depends on which resort it’s in.

And an AoA suite will be cheaper for sure, but will be less roomy and will not have the kitchen or washer/dryer.

That AoA suite will be a tight squeeze. And, for what it’s worth (just my opinion) they are dark. No balcony. The master is great for some privacy, but then 3 adults will be sleeping in the same common room. Maybe the parents & adult son could swing that and you and your friend could take the bedroom. I feel like I’m talking myself into AoA after all…

How much time do you think you’ll spend there? If it’s just for sleeping, showering and maybe a little hang out time, AoA would work. But, once the pull out couch is out, there is basically no room to walk in the “living room”.

All things being equal, I’d still try for OKW or maybe Saratoga. Will you have a rental car?

2 rooms in a moderate with a request to be adjoining? Adult couple and adult son share a room with 2 queens, you and friend share room with 2 queens? Coronado has an adult vibe.

Ok - those are things we will definitely want to consider. The couple may be spending more time in the room as they have a much more leisurely touring style, since they go quite often. But no balcony is a drag. Their adult son will likely hang with them as far as touring goes - the other friend hasn’t been to Disney since the 80’s, so she will be anxious to get out & touring, I think, albeit at a slower pace. I wold love for us to stay in a SSR treehouse villa, but it may be more than we really want to spend. OKW is definitely an option from my perspective. I’ll do some number crunching and see how things look.

Oh, hadn’t thought about that! Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but can’t you rent DVC points for a stay at a moderate, or is that an option only for owners?

No moderates on points, those are not DVC resorts.

If you would consider staying offsite you can get a 2 BR with kitchen at Orange Lake Resort or Visitano Villas for around $150/night (+/-). You could also consider a vacation rental home. The website is listed in the Unofficial Guide, I think it was All Star Rentals but I could be wrong.