Views on MK Plan for a family with a 11, 2 and 1 year old

MK 24th.pdf (14.2 KB)

Any thoughts on this plan for MK? 6A and 3C (aged 11, 2 & 10 months). Already got a reservation for Crystal Palace Breakfast @ 8am and Fireworks Dessert Party @ 7pm. Will take a small packed lunch. 2 year old will nap after lunch in buggy for about 1.5 - 2 hours so am trying to fit in the rides for the 11 year old in the afternoon. Also, I have not factored it in, but husband suffers from Crohns so we will speak to Guest Services when we get there about a DAS pass which we might get and then be able to use for longer lines.

I have used the Touring Plan to make this personalized plan, but it seems too good to be true - like we will be fitting in a lot (and I set it to a relaxed walking pace).

We will be going back and doing another half day at MK as we just can’t fit in everything in one day.

I think you can ride at least 1 other small ride before your Space Mt FP. TP assumes you’re entering the park at 9 and therefore behind the actual RD people, so lines between 9 and 9:30 are always way off.

2:55 might not get you a good spot to watch the parade, unless the 1st rider switch half of your party is getting the ice cream and the space on the parade route. Liberty Square is a good spot to watch from and the parade will be over there by 3:20 (3:30 is the end time for the parade in Main Street), so you’ll get to HM a little earlier than the TP says.

Move it Shake it is super cute! We loved watching it from the flagpole area and actually followed the parade to the hub. I’m not sure how long the dance party part goes on. Pluto got swarmed when he got off the float, so we moved on.

M&M same day FP is probably not going to happen that late. It’s a really popular one and you won’t be able to get 4th FP until after 2. If that’s a must do, I would move that up significantly in the plan (even though it’s a pain to walk all the way to the front of the park.) We had FP for that at 5 pm and still waited over 20 minutes. The standby line will be long that time of day. Sorry. And will the Tomorrowland Speedway be open again then? It’s closed right now.

From what I’ve heard here on the forums, DAS is for cognitive not mobility or other health concerns. Forgive my unfamiliarity with Chrons, but I wanted to mention that, because I’m not sure you’d apply. Others have shared how they explained the cognitive issues resulting from their health (ie anxiety waiting in lines) to show that they’re eligible for DAS, instead of starting with the mobility/health explanation. Sorry, I feel like I explained that terribly.

I just got back from a week stay with a 6 yr old and 2 yr old. I had a very hard time sticking to my plan with the 2 yr old. We had a great time, but I had planned on doing almost twice as much as we did. Aim low, and take anything extra as a bonus.