Views of Illuminations from EP resorts?

Our arrival night we are just going to wander around the EP resort area. I am wondering if we can see some of Illuminations from anywhere in the BC/YC/BW/Swalphin area?
Also, are they still doing fireworks at HS or is that over? If still going would love to know if there is anywhere we could see those as well.

You can definitely see the Illuminations fireworks from the hotels just outside Epcot. I’m not sure if there’s anywhere that also plays the accompanying soundtrack (though I’d be interested to hear).

Pretty sure there are no fireworks in the Studios right now, except for the few that are part of Fantasmic. The Frozen fireworks have stopped for now.

Only the high fireworks from Epcot.

The bridge between the BC and BW area has a respectable view of the fireworks. It is often fairly crowded, however.

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Agree - get a drink and watch from the bridge between Yacht Club and Boardwalk / Swan / Dolphin end of the lake.

I should know, but what are your dates? What is your arrival night?

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Thanks everyone! @MagicMN arrival night is this Thursday!! We will see Illuminations on Monday evening hopefully but I thought it would be fun if we saw a bit of something as we wander the Boardwalk area on arrival night. Will try the bridge, thank you!

Great idea! We might do this Saturday night (our 1st night at YC).