Views from 5th floor at AKL...should I be concerned? Request locations suggestions?

So I booked a deluxe studio jambo house and I am a little concerned about the view of the animals from the 5th floor. I really wanted the studio for the kitchenette, which is why I went with the studio vs. a regular room. Bums me that it is 5th floor and I have heard its difficult to see the animals. Any opinions on the view??? Is it a deal breaker or will we be fine? The trip is for my granddaughters 5th birthday so the view will be important to her :slight_smile:
Any suggestions for a room request for a better view from the 5th?


I’m trying to figure out this same question too. I’ve heard that higher up does make you feel farther away from the animals but there will not necessarily always be tree lines in your way. I’ve been hoping someone would answer u😞 Maybe I’ll post it differently and see if we get an answer for both of us

Want to know, too. Same issue!:smile_cat:

You can use this link to see the views in some of the rooms:

It has one for Kidani and one for Jambo. I was able to search and I will request a room based on the view/location. There’s no guarantee I’ll get the room I want, but it’s worth a try!

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Did you book standard or savannah view? I looked at the room finder because we too are staying at Jambo in a studio. We have standard view booked but I have to tell you, it hardly matters. The whole complex is so amazing and you can see animals from so many spots around the hotel. I love to have a balcony, but mainly for fresh air. I’ve rarely spent more than a few minutes actually out on the balcony because they’re pretty small.

We just upgraded to a 1 bdrm Savannah view. I have looked at a lot of pictures and some views are better than others. The trees seem to be more of a block than anything. I am ok with it. I’m so excited to stay at AKL because I never thought we would be able to so I decided it doesn’t matter

You will love it! We’re going back after what will be a 5 year time span. I’m so excited, and I was even more excited when I found out the reservation is at Jambo. We were at Kidani last time and it’s great too, but I’m looking forward to being where there’s more action.

We could have stayed at Kidani which would have been great w two bathrooms but I liked the location of Jambo better. I read many reviews and I just think for our first visit we will any to be closer to everything. And my mom is coming with and she will be 77 and has some mobility issues so better for her also. I can’t wait!!! 63 days seems like forever!!!

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