Viewing Star Wars Fireworks Outside of HS

Anyone have any suggestions on a good place to watch the Star Wars fireworks outside of Hollywood Studios? They aren’t schedule for the day we are at HS, so we’ll have to catch them another night without park admission. Any ideas? Being able to hear the music would be a plus, but not required. Thanks!

Where are you seeing the Star Wars fireworks listed? I have looked everywhere for a schedule. I am in Disney World from June 12-16th and have a park hopper so I could return to HS at night even if I wasn’t planning on being there during the day. Thanks!

I started a similar question yesterday about watching them from one of the resorts. But I think you can see them from outside the HS entrance and from the walkway between HS and EP.

Thanks, I still can’t find it on MDE but the link you sent shows that there will be two showings the week we are there, Sunday and Wed night at 9:45

Yeah, I’m not sure why it doesn’t show up on MDE. I couldn’t find it there, either.