Viewing spots for Frozen Royal Welcome Parade

Looking for suggestions for good viewing spots for the FRW parade at HS. I read on some blog (can’t find it again though) that the route is different from last year, and there are two spots where they pause for a moment…anyone have some suggestions, planning on seeing the 10:30am show. TIA

Any suggestions?

I’d love to know, too!

we stood just on the corner of hollywood boulevard outside the clothing shop i think it was. The floats stopped just down from us - all the characters walk around, and greet the crowd as well.
There are some pics in my trip report here…

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Best info I have found so far…

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Saw a Baymax meet and greet in one of your pics, is that from post July 12th? If so, where was he located?

yes we were there late June. He was in the the Animation building, right near Sorcerer Mickey and Minnie are located. Hiro was there too. The line was long - about 40 minutes wait. As opposed to 10min for Mickey and 5 min for Minnie at the time we were there. (around 11am)