Viewing Electrical Water Pageant

We are spending the evening of 7/31 at Mickey's Backyard BBQ. The event ends at 2030 and is at FW. Where would be our best location and time from which to view the water pageant??

Thanks in advance smile

Just walk down to the beach. Unless they moved it, you want to be on beach area on the right hand side of the dock.

So from the very launch where we would get the boat back to the MK area for busing to AKL?

Ugh - but seeing the timeline - it won't pass there until 9:45... late, and a long wait after the BBQ is over. Hmm...

You could pop over to the campfire sing along for a bit. By that time the movie should be playinv. There are also a few arcade games inside Crockett's TA ern.

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Good idea. More fun and more easy than moving around. That said - will the water ferry still be running that late to get us back to MK area for busing?

As long as MK is open, the boats are running.

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I overheard on the beourguest podcast that you can watch the water parade from fw at 9:00 and they have repeated times after. Check Disney website for times

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