Viewing Dining Availability Question


My family of five will be doing a very, very short trip over Thanksgiving Week. We are only going to be visiting Hollywood Studios for one day this time (along with Universal parks).

My question: How can I see what the availability is at restaurants at 70 days out. I can see, for example, that Oga’s at 60 days out from TODAY is already booked (meaning some longer onsite guests booked this through September 7 already using the 60+10, likely). However, I can’t tell if it’s already booked at 61 days out, 62 days out, etc, and as I was reading through some previous threads, it seemed like others were able to see availability of dining reservations for more than 60 days out. Or is this only because they were resort guests with a longer stay?

I’m basically trying to determine if I need to book a longer reservation at another resort (we’re in two rooms at Pop Century for one night, but I already checked and cannot extend that reservation earlier) so that I can make a leading reservation for our one HS day to give us a fighting chance at some reservations on a very busy holiday week. From what I understand from previous threads, I can cancel that additional resort stay once I’m inside the actual 60-day window and still keep my dining reservation.

Or, alternatively, for those of you familiar with HS reservations: How far out does Oga’s usually get booked? (60+10? 60+7?) Savi’s? And I know we’ll be there during one of the busiest weeks.

Thank you for any clarification or guidance you can provide.

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You can’t see any further out than 60 days until you are at 60 days before check in when you can see all your resort stay (up to 10 days). How long is your actual booking?

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Okay, I think I understand. On a prior thread, it looked like people were playing around with availability so that they could see reservation availability at up to 70 days in advance from that day’s date - not tied to their actual trips, which were months in the future (some people seemed to know, for example, that most things were still open at 60+4 days and/or were commenting on what things were and were not available). However, it’s possible that they either had just had recent trips or had set up a dummy booking to be able to see that. I was just wondering if there was a site/place where people can see all availability on the 60+10 dates from today.

We are only staying one night to get the 30 minutes early access to HS. The rest of our trip will be at a Universal resort hotel.

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People tend to share what days more popular restaurants are available from for info. If you really want Oga’s I think you would be best to do the leading reservation.


If you only have one night at a resort booked, you’ll only be able to book dining for check in and check out day. the 60+10 applies for people who would have a stay booked for ten nights, or their length of stay. Oga’s is a hard one to get and it’s often not available at day 60 or 61. You can use the reservation finder to try as well.

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