Viewing Areas for ECV

My mom is using an ECV for the first time. She normally doesn’t use one at home or when she goes out but her doctor insisted that she needs one at Disney World, which I agree. She is worried about not being able to see the fireworks, shows, or parade. Are there viewing areas for ECVs.

My mom has to use one as well. CM’s are great dealing with them. If you are able, have her try to use it around the resort first to get acclimated to it.
I can tell you for the parades at MK we sat right across from the Hall of Presidents. You still have to get there a bit earlier but it’s a wonderful spot, and not in the direct sun either. Fireworks were more of a challenge at MK but that was totally our fault not looking sooner.
We also had a very good viewing spot for Illuminations that was roped off, unfortunately I don’t remember which country we were closest to. I’m thinking Germany, definitely somewhere between Norway and Italy.
As for ROL at AK there was a special area for one of us to stay up top with her and they others had to sit on bench seats nearby.
We didn’t visit DHS at that time so I’m no help there.