Viewing and making plans in MDE

I manage the accounts for my 2 kids and right now my mom can view and make plans for them also. This trip my sister is coming and I was able to link her so she can view my kids plans but she can’t make plans for them. I have no idea how I linked my mom’s account to theirs because I did it years ago. Any ideas? When it comes to getting extra fast passes at the park etc, I don’t want to be the only one who can manage them.

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately it did not solve my issue. I have already linked my sister’s account to mine and my kids which is what this post explains how to do. She can’t mange their plans which is what I’d like to have happen. Any other thoughts?

Your sister has to request to have your children linked from her MDE. Then you have to accept her request. You can’t do that part from your account. See pages 7-10 but do it from your sister’s MDE.

If it still does not work just call Disney IT. They will fix you up.