View of Wilderness Lodge - touring plans is picking No rooms

We go this week to Wilderness Lodge. We only got a room type of Standard view. Touring plans doesn’t have a top pick for any of our standard view, really? Do they ever upgrade you to a better room type? I would have really loved one with queen and bunk beds? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The bunk bed rooms are a category of their own. It might happen but unlikely.

As for the room choices, hopefully someone else can help. It might be because half the rooms have been taken out because of the Copper Creek villa room conversions.

Usual advice is not to select TP’s top picks, it will then show you all the rooms in that category. They may not all have photos of the view though.

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We had a standard, two queen room back in April and had an amazing view of Cindy’s castle from our balcony. I believe the room they put us in was 6014, and I requested through the TP fax 6022? Anyway, we were not disappointed! Even caught some fireworks one night :slight_smile:

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That would be a nice room. When I check touring plans, they state very few rooms are even available and the views are aweful.

It has been a while since we have been at Wilderness Lodge - but here are some of my musings from it.

We had a standard room - actually it was (at first blush) an awful view and I almost changed us - but we wanted to get to the parks. We were on the 5th floor facing the woods (actually faced MK / Contemporary - but couldn’t tell it as the trees blocked us). We also had a lovely view of the trash facilities - ah nature at its finest

However at night - we unexpectedly had wonderful view of the fireworks (and could actually hear the music) - so don’t necessarily get upset about your view. Actually next time we stay there - I would request a similar view (but go up as high as we can)

As far as upgrades - we wanted to upgrade to B beds as well - but it didn’t happen. I do suggest that when you check in you try and see first off what they can do at no charge. If still not happy - ask what they can do for a nominal charge. If still not happy ask for a manager. ALWAYS be polite - as they don’t HAVE to do anything. You paid for a room - you get a room.

However something cool that did happen. We stayed at WL for 5 nights and then were to move to POP (I know I know - I couldn’t convince my wife to flip it around the other way) to save some $$. I tried a few things - but then went back to my instincts and simply asked for the most SR manager available (it was early in the morning 6:30 and I was coming back from the gym). Perhaps I was smelly and she just wanted to get rid of me. I explained that we were to move to POP but obviously wanted to stay at WL - but couldn’t justify it. She asked what I was pay at POP and what I was paying at WL - she said - “If I split the difference will you stay here?” - I jumped at it.

She took care of cancelling and reissuing and everything. It was perfectly executed.

So be creative, be polite and always remember they are doing YOU a favor


Where does it say that? WL is amazing! Be careful- you may want to go back right away. Enjoy!

Sorry that is not what I meant. Touring plans barely lists any rooms available during our stay and the ones listed the view in the photo is not appealing. We have reservations, just was looking at doing a room request.

What don’t you like about the views. Also keep this in mind - how much time are you actually going to spend on your view? Are you in the room a lot - will it matter? Will you actually be taking advantage of it. I absolutely agree that sometimes the view is VERY VERY important. However is it in this case?