View of Star Wars fireworks

We are planning on seeing the 11/9 showing of the star wars fireworks. We have a 5:30 ADR at Primetime. I am wondering if I can see the fireworks from the restaurant or would it be better to view from another location? I keep looking at the map but don’t really have a feel for the layout. Also-do you think that I should try to adjust that ADR time? I also have a 6:30 FP+ for tower of terror. As of now, I can move it to 5:25. But then I would be late to dinner. Ahhh!! Help! Your thoughts and advice are always appreciated!


For the fireworks you could see maybe the lasers and the fireworks but not the projections from outside of 50s. You will not be able to see anything if you are in the restaurant, but I do not think that is what you were asking. It used to be an area you could see the old FWs so you may find some old info about that if you search. You should try to get a spot near the dessert party, between the projectors in front of the theatre.