Videos or Resources to Get Kids & Family Excited?!

Hi Friends,
I’ve spend countless hours planning our first Disney trip as a family and Touring Plans has, by far, been the most instrumental and helpful resource I could have ever found! Thank you everyone for your many thoughts and suggestions. And now, I have one more challenge for you-

My son didn’t have the reaction I had expected when I told him we were ACTUALLY going TO Disney (and soon). He usually freaks with excitement over the smallest things so I was really bummed. I think he was/is confused as to what that actually means. So I want to show him some videos online that would really get him pumped up. I have scoured youtube and found some that showcase the parks but I’m looking for more. I want to avoid personal tours and people talking while recording things. Instead, think more like a promotional video.


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I really like the TPMvids. They have top ten of multiple kind of rides like the fastest, best boat ride etc. Its shows a little videos of each rides so enough to get the idea. It got my kids excited enough that they wanted to watch whole rides videos after that.

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How old is he? When we told our kids about our first trip, they were 7, 10, and 12 and NOT happy. Wasn’t Disney World princesses, Mickey, and little kid stuff? We bought them Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World for Kids, and that’s when they started getting excited about the trip. We also had regular adult guidebooks around that they could flip through, but all 3 of them spent the most time with the kids’ guide.

How old is he? My kids 8,6, 3 have been almost religiously watching the Ryan’s Family Review toy story land vid on YouTube (with a few other parks mixed in) and are super excited now. The official Disney trip planning preview videos are also good in that they give some pretty high quality ride footage, etc.

We’ve been watching DFB videos on YouTube.

My DS4 loves the Tim Tracker videos. He has a mustache in several of the videos so he asks to watch the “Mustache Man Disney World Videos” all the time. His resort videos and especially Toy Story Land are great.

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I love The Tim (& Jen) Tracker! I only found out about them through a friend a few months ago but now I’m addicted. I actually said holy macaroni the other day and lol’d at myself.

My kids loved the videos. They’re basically commercials, but they were helpful for my kids who didn’t know what Disney World was when we told them we were going.

My children really enjoy The Tim Tracker videos, as well as those by Michael Kay - for both of these, mostly the ones where they go to the Disney Parks. They also like some of the videos from Disney Food Blog.

If anyone in your group has food allergies, take a minute to google it. I searched “gluten free snacks at Disney World” or something similar, for me and my 8yo. Sometimes vacation food is a real downer when you have allergies, and now we have special treats to look forward to.