Videos associated with crowd levels?

Seeing videos of what the crowd looks like at Christmas has pretty well convinced me that I’ll never visit at that time. However, I still have a really hard time conceptualizing what the crowds will be like based on the crowd level number. I get that 2 is better than 10, but I don’t have any sense of whether 4 vs. 6 is worth reorganizing our plans for our visit, or really how 4 or 6 will feel.

I’m wondering if TP could post short videos to demonstrate what mid-day crowds look like for each crowd level? Is this a dumb idea?

They explain this with there wait time chart index thingy for each park. It’s not about how many people it is about wait times for specific attractions.

Excellent idea. We’ve been kicking it around for a while. Let me see what we can do.


I woudl love this!! I was trying to check crowds on you tube the other day. I saw a few videos, and then matched the date to crowd history in the past, and realized a 6 looked really crowded to me. But I guess videos cant depict 100% , esp at opening rope drop.

Great idea! Side note… Best video I ever saw came out of Epcot when “dads” we’re sprinting to get to Elsa/ana!! Made me laugh everytime!!!

I like it too! Photos of the same spot under different crowd levels would be interesting too (maybe at 10am and 2pm). It would really help visualize conditions associated with wait times.

This would be great! My mind could never fully conceptualize how a “2” might differ from an “8” or similar. My niece (and former DCP/castmate) is in WDW this week so I should have her send me some clips.