Video of new gondolas in motion

The new DVC sweepstakes video shows the new, unwrapped gondolas in motion.


Oh! Is this the email they just sent out?


And there’s a picture here.

there is a disclaimer “artist rendering - proposed”

i don’t think it is live, it’s cgi animation

Really?!?! I’m no expert (far from it), but it looks pretty darn real to me.

well i’m going on the subtitle that states it’s an artist rendering

also, the building is completely finished in the background

Ya… that’s definitely a CGI video!


There’s lots of videos of the testing if you are anxious to see! I don’t think they will unwrap them yet to keep the suspense going!

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I have a video of the wrapped gondolas in motion last week at HS, but I can’t get my video to post. :frowning:

easiest way is to put it on youtube and post a link

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