Victoria Falls Lounge

Has anyone tried the Crisp Breads and Dips on the menu at this AKL lounge. Wondering if its something similar to the bread service at Sanaa. I'm planning on a very light lunch here and thought that might be a good way since we won't be eating Sanaa this trip.

I wish I knew, but it sounds good! You can take one for the team, and give us a review. smile

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Sorry, not at all the same. It's a selection of hummus's from Boma's buffet.

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Oh darn... I do not eat hummus... May be time for a new plan lol. We're having Boma at 9 that morning so just wanted something really light around 12:30 before heading to Epcot. But might just get something at the park in that case.

I should add that even without an ADR to Sanaa, you could walk up to its lounge and get the bread service....