Victoria and Alberts reservations

Victoria and Alberts is booked up constantly.
How far can you book, and what time to the reservations open?

Trying to plan out going as soon as i can get in


Looks like you can book out to 60 days like anything else. I would imagine that would open at 6am. You’re able to do that through the app and online now; in the before times I’m pretty certain you had to call.

Good luck!


I’m think you had to call for Chef’s Table. I got my reservation in the main dining room in the ordinary way online.



I checked 60 days out at about 6:30 and nothing was availabe.
I will try 6:00 am tommorow.

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You are not staying on property? Since guests staying on property can book their length if stay, day 60 could be harder… You can also use a reservation finder.


Ive tried the resevation finder in the past with no luck.

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There are multiple reservation finders. Some are free like touring plans (recent reports on chat have been more hits lately for some reason?). Others finders charge a small fee.


Here is an example:


I have tried with mous dining in the past wiht no luck

I got my reservation fewer than 180 days out (back when they opened at 180 days). I randomly tried and there one was.

I think — like a lot of things Disney — it’s a matter of endlessly trying until you get lucky. People cancel reservations all the time.

My big goal for my trip in December last year was the S220 lounge. I tried multiple times a day for weeks and failed.

Then I found one at a perfect time day-of.

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