Victoria & Albert's

Just wanted to give the TP community our input with regards to Victoria & Albert’s.

We had booked Thanksgiving dinner in the Queen Victoria Room. It was an amazing dinner, with very neat touches throughout. I’m a foodie, and I appreciate great food but for my wife and I, this was too much. We felt it was honestly overrated. We did have great lamb, veal that melted like chocolate, and the pear mousse was delightful. The presentation was also great, but we felt that the meal overall was way over priced. It was too glamorous for us. Wagyu Kobe beef at $55 per person for three ounces was terrifying. It was too soft and chewy. We enjoy a simple steak prepared perfectly with all the trimmings, and we’re good to go. We just wanted to experience something new.

For the price tag, we disagree with a lot of folks that it was worth it. We thought Bull and Bear at the Waldorf Astoria was the best restaurant in Orlando, for a 1/3 of the cost, including tip. Still expensive, yes, but that was a lot better. All in all, we would never do something like this again. The experience was once in a lifetime-tasty, but never again.

The Unofficial Guide is right with this restaurant in that the QVR is definitely whisper quiet. We made it lively by just speaking our mind to keep us entertained.

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I’ve eaten in both the “regular” dining room and at the Chef’s Table (same menu as QVR, different setting). The two best meals that I have had in WDW - and perhaps anywhere. I agree that the Chef’s Table was obscenely expensive, and it’s something I will probably never do again, but having eaten in some of the finest restaurants across the country, this definitely tops the list. There were 6 of us at the table, and given the kitchen setting, it was anything but quiet, but I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch and saw that 5 hours had passed (and we hadn’t finished yet).

I have to disagree about the wagu beef. I love steak and have had it as some of the best steak houses in the country but had never had authentic Kobe wagu beef - so I thought I would try it. To me, it elevated steak to a level that I didn’t know existed. I could cut it with a fork, almost didn’t have to chew it, and the flavor was like none that I had ever had before. Compared to the overall cost of the meal it was a relatively small add-on, and I think it was the highlight of the whole dinner. DW agrees with me on this.

At almost $500 (per person) was it “worth” it? It’s hard to really use that word in a context like this. People will spend as much for an NFL ticket, or hundres of dollars for a show or concert ticket, or to do some other “special” tour or event. It really comes down to what you like. For me, having the best meal that I have ever had, and getting to spend 6 hours with my wife and good friends in a totally unique experience - it was.


Thanks for your perspectives. We’ve often considered this and the discussion is helpful.