Victoria & Albert questions


In a move that I think @bswan26 will approve of, I’ve swapped dinner at Narcoossee’s to dinner at Victoria and Albert’s.

I’m dining alone, but the system didn’t seem to mind booking a table for one.

A few questions . . .

My reservation is for 5.45pm. Any idea when it might finish? Would I be able to watch the fireworks from GF somewhere after dinner? (HEA scheduled for 9.15pm.)

The dress code says “dinner jacket” — I think that means something different in the US than it does in the UK. In the UK it means “black tie”. I’m guessing in the US it means what we would call a “lounge suit” (or business suit). If it still fits me, I could wear black tie, but that might be overkill.

My plan is to arrive at WDW in the morning and drop my suit off with bell services at the GF before enjoying a day in MK. Then back to GF, pick up suit, change, and on to dinner. And, if the timing works, from there to somewhere in the GF to watch HEA.

Does that sound like it will work?


For Disney - dinner jacket doesn’t mean what it means in GB.

Not this:

But this:


and don’t think tie is actually required…


Does it matter if I’m not as good-looking as the people in those pictures?



Yeah, well, they aren’t self-portraits, if that’s what you are getting at. :smile:


If you don’t want to bring a jacket they will lend you one at the restaurant. :+1: Oh, and you don’t need a whole suit, just something like chinos and jacket will do fine.


My cabin baggage allowance includes one garment bag, so I’m planning on just bringing a suit and dress shirt and tie — may as well do it right.

One other question, though: shoes. Presumably they’ll expect me to wear dress shoes as well? (I guess they’ll fit in the garment bag, too.)

All this fuss for one meal! It better be good, lol!


Yes, it is not the Dinner Jacket that Lord Grantham would wear - a suit coat or sport coat is fine.


I’m really tempted to wear one, though. As I say if it still fits me, why not?!


Oh, as far as how long the meal will take, I would allow for at least 3 hours. I don’t think it’s ever taken us less than 4 to be honest, but I’m a slow eater, especially when it’s as good as V&A!.


“Men must wear dinner jackets with dress pants or slacks and shoes. Ties are optional.”


I absolutely would… and then you can try and speak with a British accent all meal long. . . . oh, wait . . . nevermind…


My accent is pretty Lord Grantham, so I think it might be a fun evening!


I am having fun parsing this - I have decided to interpret it as:
Dinner jacket with dress pants (no shirt and shoes)
Slacks and shoes (no jacket and shirt)

Either way, I’m going shirtless! :smiley:


If I said, “I’m just popping out to watch the fireworks, back in thirty” would they take a dim view? Even if I do the whole black tie and Lord Grantham thing?


Yeah, commas, who knew how important they could be.

(Trick question, answer is EVERYONE)


That’s certainly how I read it. And that’s certainly what I intend to do.


If you do the Lord Grantham thing, you should act like its your own private dining room…


Only if the Dowager Countess is with you - she is the only one who could pull this move off.


Do they teach the “Oxford comma” in the US?


I would so take Dame Maggie Smith with me. I’d even pay for her dinner. (As long as she just had a main course, no starter and no pudding. And drank water. From the tap.)