Via Napoli reservations

what are the chances of reservations opening up within 30days before trip? I tweaked our EP day and have perfection for my family to finally be able to hang in there and see the fireworks but it involves making my dinner reservation about an hour later than it is. I have the reservation finder looking, but just curious. Anytime I’ve ever looked there’s been some reservations…

Reservation finder found one for me last week and we leave on Saturday (so 2 weeks out). It took them a week to find it but it happened! Keep in mind people often drop the day before so you could be in good shape!

I got a reservation on the same day. Actually within 30 minutes. Though it was a table for one.

Yeah, we’re a table of 4 and the way I have it , my TP would be completely different from the start of the day. Guess I’ll sit tight and be patient HAHAHA