Via Napoli in March

Is there something going on with Via Napoli in March? We’re completely unable to find space the first week of March. It seems to be available through February 29th and then nothing. Are they doing a refurb? Is something else going on, or is March just THAT popular?

Its just not loaded to the system yet. As its third party owned this happens alot. Check daily but you will get a reservation without a problem.

Thank you. I wondered if it being 3rd party had something to do with it. We’ve never had a problem getting a reservation at Via Napoli before, so it wasn’t at the top of our list for booking at 180 days. BOG, yes. Crystal Palace at 8 am, yes. Via Napoli, no… :slight_smile: I’ll just keep checking. Thanks again.

Just an update - it looks like Via Napoli can be booked up through 2/29, and again starting 3/11.