Via Napoli Dining Plan-How does it work?

Hi Liners,

I searched this section of the forum but can’t quite find an answer to my question despite knowing it’s been asked many times in the past. Thank you in advance to all those liners with incredible patience.

We’d like to go to Via Napoli (never been and so many people rave about their pizza). We want to use dining credits (even though that’s not a great use of the credits if one is just considering the money).

What I’m not clear about, though, is what we’re allowed to get with our dining credits? It seems their menu has individual, mezzo, and large pizzas as well as entrees. I understand we could use credits toward individual pizzas and probably those entrees. However, I’m guessing we’d prefer to get/sample one or two large pizzas and share among the group (2 families of 4 people each). Will Via Napoli allow the purchase of larger pizzas with the dining plan? What can I negotiate? How can I negotiate?

What flexibility is offered or not offered at Via Napoli? Maybe I should add: are there entrees as fantastic as the pizza is supposed to be?


Yes you can order the bigger pizzas. They just take 1 credit off everyone at your table.

Ok, so what if there are two families (4 people each) and one family orders a large pizza to share (I assume that’s enough for 4 people) and the other family orders entrees/individual pizzas (but only 3 of the 4 order in the second family)? Does that mean that family 1 is charged 4 TS credits while family 2 is charged 3 TS credits?

How many people does a large pizza generally feed? And, can you get away with having 8 people at the table but really only using 6 or 7 credits (if you mix the pizza order with entree orders?)

If you order any size pizza bigger than the individual they will take 1 credit per person regardless. VN is a very bad use of ddp due to this. Also they are not owned by wdw and totally independent. By ordering a non individual item you open yourself up to a pp charge similar to buffets. Thats just how it is there.
Edit to get away with only using 6 credits and sharing you can order a mix if individual pizzas and entrees then pay oop for the other 2 drinks

Thanks mumcalsop. I don’t understand the last part of your answer, though, about “edit to get away with…” Does that mean that if 8 people sit down, we will use 8 TS credits, but we ALSO can have large pizzas combined with entrees? Or, individuals combined with entrees? How can we get 6 TS to work for 8 people?

I think you’re better off forsaking the dining plan and just paying out of pocket on this one.

Generally, a large pizza will serve 2-3. Mezzo Metro serves 3-5.

So, with a group of 8, you could order 2 mezzo metro sized pizzas and also order a few apps and entres to share.

Here’s a link to their menu:
via napoli menu

Ok, I’m going to have to rethink Via Napoli. I don’t really want to pay OOP when it’s hard enough to use up all those credits (so much to eat) but I also don’t want to simply waste credits. Thanks for the advise.

6ts credits for 8 people will only work by ordering 6 single serve pizza/entrees

I understand. Thanks.